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Recently I've been inspired to make illustrations for surface patterns. I'm not sure where this interest will take me. I can image my images making some funky eccentric person pretty happy.

I decided to sign up for a print on demand site. So click this logo to go to my Red Bubble shop where I'll be updating with new patterns and illustrations regularly .

Pattern #5: Accordians and Trumpets

This pattern was created for my good friend Jack's birthday. Not only can Jack play trumpet and accordian, he can do it tap dancing atop an upright bass and eating a slice of pizza.

Find products with this pattern on my Redbubble store here

Find Jack's incredible music here.

Pattern #4: Tardigrade Party

Who doesn't love a Tardigrade? These super cute, ultra resilient microscopic creatures ccan dehydrate their bodies and survive in extremely harsh conditions. Their indomitable spirit was the inspiration for this fun bright pattern.

Find products with this pattern on my redbubble store here

Pattern #3: The Unicorn Donut Ring Stack Game

This idea just struck me as funny and wouldn't leave my head until I drew it down. I think it looks pretty cool on a mask or a pair of socks.

Find products with this pattern on my Redbubble store here