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Hello, and welcome to my portfolio.

I am a freelance designer and illustrator (ie. Photoshop nerd) working in Vancouver, Canada. When I'm not making art I'm often found teaching children and youth improv drama or cartooning classes or telling my cats Wally and Morris to get off the kitchen counter.

I especially enjoy working collaboratively with writers, theatre artists, musicians and other creative people and organizations.

Projects with humour and heart that tell great stories are particularly appealing to me.

If you are interested in collaborating on a project,

please drop me a line.

~ Christache






I'm currently halfway through illustrating the graphic novel 'Catalogue Baby' by Myriam Steinberg due to be published in January 2021 by Page Two Books


'Catalogue Baby', is a graphic novel chronicling the authors quest to become a mother as a single, middle-aged woman. I am very grateful to be illustrating this novel. 

It is a brutally honest and important story that is too rarely told, about infertility, miscarriage, sadness, hope, and the power of community. 

We spent 2018 making sample pages, designing characters, creating a style guide and thumbnails,

Below is a peek at some of the character design and an early sample page. 


To track our progress:

follow Catalogue Baby on  instagram, and Visit the website.


I've been working for a number of years with PROJECT LIMELIGHT SOCIETY, an incredible non-profit organization that provides no-cost Performing arts programming for youth in East Vancouver.

I typically facilitate improv and acting classes for the participants, and then write and direct thier live performances. 


Last year we embarked on our most ambitious project yet, a 20 minute short film! 


comedian Tim Carlson and I wrote and directed it, and it starred the 16 amazing youth of the 2018 class of PROJECT LIMELIGHT.


"THE GIRL WITH NO SUPERPOWERS" tells the story of Zavira Sinclair, an 11 year old girl who has just moved to a new city after her parents separation, and ends up at a very weird school for kid superheros despite being herself just being a regular person. 


so what happens when she's called upon to save the day?

A short teaser clip from the Project Limelight movie 'The Girl With No Superpowers'
Click for Teaser Clip

Now that the movie is complete, WE are in the process of applying for children's film festivals. screening locations and dates to come.

check out the main project limelight website for more information on this fabulous organization

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Why not take a listen to the song, it's beautiful

Musician Jesse Thom approached me several years ago to design cute bunny illustrations to accompany the release of his children’s lullaby ‘Some Bunny Loves You’.


The project eventually grew and turned into a self-publishing a children’s book/full album/songbook.

Since its 2017 release, Jesse has been touring around Canada, performing the book and its accompanying songs along with a puppet show while selling it online and to independent book stores.

You can find more information about the book at the main website for the project here:

And here are some direct links to buy the book



I love using instagram to share my creative process and what I’ve been working on recently. Follow me at @christachedraws for weird abstract paintings, gesture drawings, sketchbook pages, works in progress, cartoons, and a few photos here and there.



I’d love to hear from you