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Hi, thanks for checking out my work.

As a freelancer, my goal is to thrill my clients with playful, beautiful illustrations that capture the mood and narrative of each individual project.

I’m particularly interested in work that is intended for children, the young at heart, and people who share a similar cheeky, silly sense of humour. I especially enjoy working with other creative people to help bring their dreams into reality.

I've been drawing and painting my entire life, and have have used Adobe Suite products for the past fifteen years, primarily Photoshop, but also Illustrator, Premiere, and InDesign. Basically, I speak Adobe.

Before going freelance I worked for a decade teaching children’s drama and art classes. I wrote and directed original plays and short films with youth actors with Project Limelight Society, and taught thousands of kids drama and improv in classrooms all across British Columbia working with the Young Actors Project.

Throughout my life, whether I’m illustrating, designing, taking photos, teaching kindergarten kids art classes or teen improv teams- whatever I do, I do it in the service of promoting play, laughter, and artistic expression.


As for the name, my name is Christopher Ross, but I was nicknamed ‘Christache’ by a group of children I worked with while at University. Since then, the silly ‘stache and the name stuck as a pen name.


I live in Vancouver, Canada with my partner and our three cats.​


Do you have a project? Lets talk.




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