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Client: Myriam Steinberg, Graphic Novelist

Illustrations for a 250-page graphic novel, to be released early 2021.

More information about the project can be found here.

Published by Page Two Books.

Some Bunny Loves You

Client: Jesse Thom, Musican and Puppeteer

Illustrations for a 32-page children's book based on the lyrics to his song 'Some bunny loves you', as well as the accompanying album. The designs for these bunnies have since been turned into a touring puppet show of the same name.

More information about the bunny book project can be found here:

Vanouver Fringe Festival 2019

Client: Vancouver Fringe Festival

This illustration anchored the full festival visual branding for the 2019 Vancouver Fringe Festival. The image was used on a variety of printed elements and merchandise, primarily the program cover and advertisements, but also t-shirts, buttons, signage and social media.

Treebees Christmas Vol. 1

Client: The Treebees, kid's band.

Illustration for album cover of 'The Treebees Christmas Vol. 1' across all streaming platforms.

More information about the Treebees is here:

Vancouver Fringe Festival 2018

Client: Vancouver Fringe Festival

Illustrations used to fully brand the 2018 Vancouver Fringe Festival primarily as the program cover, online and print advertisements and festival merchandise.

The design invokes a playful bingo card that the reader is inadvertently 'holding', which directs them to explore a wide variety of theatre experiences and highlights the diversity of offerings at the festival.


Client: Hunch Festival of Solo Performance

Full branding for the 2019 Hunch festival, including text design to be used in posters, advertisements, programs, and online.

The illustration represents the solo performer: out exploring new worlds with their unique and singular viewpoint. I wanted to create something dynamic that felt full of possibility and forward momentum.

More information about Hunch Here:


Client: Musician Myriam Parent

This album cover, made in collaboration with Alexandria Danard, was created with almost zero digital effects, and entirely out of cut paper hung in a diorama box. Inspired by toy theatre and Eric Carle (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) the image represents the musician's dream of herself as a young child riding through a frightening woodland atop a mythical Peryton (a golden deer/eagle/dog hybrid). The resulting photograph of the diorama was used throughout all aspects of the branding for the album, Urgence.


Client: Multiple clients.

Partial or complete Illustration photography and graphic design for a variety of theatre shows.