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Sheep on the Lam

Client: Marion McAdam

Illustrated Cover art and 6 internal illustrations for children's book

'Sheep on the Lam' by Marion McAdam

52 Stories

Client: Dave Morris, Storyteller

Created a full 52-card deck to be projected on a large screen during the storytelling show '52 Stories' As well as 8 animated elements copy.gif copy 2.gif

Catalogue Baby

Client: Myriam Steinberg, Graphic Novelist

All illustrations for a 250-page graphic novel, released in 2021.

Published by Page Two Books.

Since publication Catalogue Baby has won the following awards:


Winner, Non Fiction Category: Vine Awards, 2021

Gold, Graphic Novel Category: Independent Publisher Book Awards 2022

Finalist, Foreward Indies 2022

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 10.37.18 PM.jpg